Curious about hemp or hemp farming? Find your answers here.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a CBD-rich variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant that contains less than .3% THC.

Why is sungrown hemp better?

Sun grown hemp is hemp that’s grown as it has for thousands of years--in the sun. There are number of benefits to sun grown hemp because it’s energy efficient, less susceptible to mold and mildew, and can preserve natural soil.

Is hemp legal?

Yes. Hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act when the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 was signed into law. It is now federally legal to consume and possess hemp in America. Commericial hemp grows are still required to have a license from a USDA approved hemp program. Herb’s Herbs is licensed by the state of Oklahoma to grow, handle, and distribute hemp.

Is hemp cannabis?

The answer may surprise you. Yes, hemp is the same plant species as cannabis. However, hemp is not the same as the cannabis that can cause an euphoric feeling in its users. The hemp category is specifically reserved for plants that contain under .3% delta 9-THC by dry weight.

How long has hemp been grown in Oklahoma?

Hemp has not been grown industrially in Oklahoma since World War II. Our 2018 hemp crop was the first legal hemp crop grown in the state since the 1940s. Learn more Oklahoma hemp history.

What is the difference between hemp seeds and clones?

Hemp seeds are planted in soil and have a complete seed to plant life cycle, whereas hemp clones are cuttings taken from the mother plant which will then grow its own roots and become a plant that’s identical to the original mother. Hemp clones tend to provide more genetic stability as they’re derived from a plant with known genetics whereas hemp seeds have not had the luxury of the stabilization inherent in modern plant breeding techniques since the Federal legalization of hemp is quite new. Therefore hemp plants grown from seeds have less stable genetics and traits than a cutting taken from a plant with known genetic characteristics. However, if you’re looking to create a new hemp variety, hemp seeds are the best place to start. Learn more about our hemp seeds and clones.

What is the difference between feminized hemp seeds and feminized hemp clones?

The main difference between these two is that one is a seed that’s planted and grown while the other is a cutting taken from a “mother plant” that’s then rooted and grown. Both feminized hemp seeds and feminized hemp clones lack male chromosomes, which means the grower does not have to do the work of identifying and removing male plants to prevent pollination.

What are unrooted cuttings?

Unrooted cuttings are cuttings taken from the mother plant that have not yet been placed in soil to regrow their roots. Learn more about our unrooted cuttings.

What type of soil is needed to grow hemp?

Hemp grows best in loose loam soil with a pH of 6.0-7.5 that’s well aerated and contains abundant organic matter.

How does hemp affect the soil?

Hemp has phytoremediative properties, which means that it cleans the soil by drawing in toxic elements. This is great for the soil, but when creating CBD products, it’s important to keep this in mind and grow using organic conditions as the CBD oil extracted from plants grown in toxic soil conditions will contain higher levels of those toxins. Have more questions about how hemp will affect your soil? We also offer consultation services to answer any questions you might have and to help you grow the best hemp crop possible.

How much space do I need to grow hemp?

Each hemp plant requires four square feet to grow to maturation.

How much hemp can I harvest in a season?

About .5 pounds to 2 pounds of biomass can be harvested per plant in a season.

Do you lab test your hemp varieties?

Yes. All hemp varieties must be registered as certified low THC varieties with the state of Oklahoma. Each of our varieties is registered with the ODAFF.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

All of our pricing is wholesale.

Are your products certified organic?

Since the federal laws are still so new, it’s very difficult to certify USA grown hemp as organic. We lean into our roots as an old farming family and use age-old techniques for pest control and cultivation management. We work hard to bring you the cleanest sungrown hemp plants possible.

I’m new to growing hemp, what type of services do you offer?

We offer a full fleet of services to help you along your hemp growing journey. We have clones, unrooted cuttings, custom growing options, as well as consultation services to ensure that your grow stays in great shape from planting all the way through harvest.

What are the CBD and THC levels of your hemp?

The CBD levels of our varieties vary between 10%-20% and the THC level never exceeds 0.3%.

How do I order products?

Visit our how to order page to get in touch. Please note that all clone orders must be discussed on the phone before an order is considered complete. You can also give us a call at 833-437-2743 or send us an email at info@herbsherbs.com.

How do you ship orders? What is the average shipping time after ordering?

We ship using our own fleet of fifteen 26 foot trucks. We offer free delivery within 500 miles and a small mileage fee beyond that area. Delivery dates are discussed beforehand and reserved so that you receive your orders on time and in great condition.

Nothing written here is to be taken as legal advice. If you have specific concerns regarding the law in your area, we suggest you consult with an attorney or legal professional.