Find the Perfect Clone or Cutting for Your Needs

Ready to get a jumpstart on your growing season with genetically stable clones or unrooted cuttings? We have an option that’s right for you.

Our hemp clones are guaranteed to be female plants. They are expertly rooted to hold up to the rigors of transport. We offer free delivery within 500 miles. Herb’s Herbs hemp clones are 100% sungrown, genetically stable, and cultivated using the latest organic farming

Price Per Clone    Quantity

$  7.00                  1 - 3,000

$  5.00                  3,001 - 10,000

$  4.00                 10,001 - 250,000

$  3.00                 250,000+

Unrooted cuttings

Our hemp cuttings are taken fresh daily from our best female plants and expertly packaged for overnight shipping. Our mother plants are cultivated using the latest organic farming techniques, they are genetically stable, and are 100% sungrown. We ship our unrooted cuttings overnight through FedEx or UPS. Please contact us to inquire about shipping fees.

$2.00 per unrooted cutting.

Minimum order of 1000 cuttings.

Call 833-437-2743 or email to order your Clones and unrooted cuttings today.


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